Racism, Truth, as well as politics in 2016

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In my abnormal human psychology class a half century ago, we examined Sigmund Freud’s neurotic defense mechanisms. While Freud has been discredited in many ways, his concept of projection seems obviously valid to me—not so much as a indication of a psychiatric illness, however as a political tactic: implicate your opponent of what you yourself are doing. perhaps that’s a subset of “the finest defense is a great offense.”

Half of Trump’s supporters—the ones in Hillary Clinton’s irredeemable “basket of deplorables”—are presumed guilty of the unforgivable transgression of racism. If whites are uninformed of racist feelings, they are still there, buried deep in the subconscious, to be subjected by corrective psychoanalysis or re-education.

But many psychologists or psychiatrists these days prefer to look at behavior. We may ask: what is the most egregious thing a racist might do? exactly how about rejecting or “banishing” her own biracial child—or stepchild?

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Danney Williams, a black man, makes one plea to Hillary Clinton in an interview with Alex Jones on InfoWars: Don’t keep him from getting the proof of what he has been declaring for many years–that expense Clinton is his father.

His mom has always told him so. expense Clinton, she said, was her only white client. other evidence is a strong facial resemblance, as well as the statement of preachers, his Aunt Lucille, as well as others. Williams’s mom as well as household likewise got envelopes of money as well as Christmas gifts, provided by Arkansas specify troopers when Clinton was governor—until, it is believed, Hillary put a stop to it.

But who will believe the statement of a bad black woman, who offered her body to make money to feed her children, as well as even served time in jail? Or of other lower-class black folks? who will trust the youth memories of a biracial man, who spent a great deal of time in foster care? In contrast, women’s reports of being touched “inappropriately” decades ago, surfacing for the very first time just prior to the election, are provided credence as well as endless media coverage. Is that since the women are white, or since they are attacking a Republican?

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Apparently, nobody has asked Hillary about Danney. perhaps she would provide her common answer: “I don’t recall.”

Williams is asking expense Clinton for a blood sample for forensic paternity testing. It is declared that “DNA testing” has already disproved the relationship. However, the test utilized to show that the semen on Monica Lewinsky’s gown was most likely expense Clinton’s is apparently not precise for ruling out paternity.

Williams takes his five kids to the Clinton Library. He believes that their grandfather is a excellent man, a former president of the United States, as well as that they are entitled to understand their heritage. He is willing to take the danger that the reality he states he is seeking may not be what he hopes, as well as he’ll have to seek somewhere else for his roots.

It is ironic that William Jefferson Clinton’s namesake, Thomas Jefferson, stands accused of the exact same thing: fathering kids by a black woman. based on questionable DNA findings (the DNA came from a descendant of Thomas Jefferson’s uncle), some wrap up that Jefferson may have fathered at least one kid by Sally Hemings, his slave. If so, should his offspring be proud? Jefferson’s reputation as a excellent guy is under sustained assault since of the alleged affair.

Is the concern about Clinton’s paternity politically motivated? The timing of Alex Jones’s interview most likely is. however Danney Williams has been asking for recognition for decades, as well as has had a Facebook page for two years—and nobody much cared.

If expense Clinton understands he is not Danney’s father, he might ruin the credibility of the “alt-right” media by providing a blood sample. If he is Danney’s father, the right thing to do is to acknowledge his fine son as well as five valuable black grandchildren. Was he not stated to be the country’s “first black President”?

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Hillary states she’s a champion for all children, as well as women, as well as minorities, as well as she wishes to be the president of all Americans. Does she have a issue with benevlastná matka Danney Williams?

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